Sermon: Seekers at the Tomb 1-4

( Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008 ) In place of a sermon, we presented five monologues of people close to Joshua– that’s Jesus for you Greek speakers. Each responds to the resurrection with their own joy and their own fears and doubts as well. What does the resurrection mean to us? Is the Good News really for everyone? (John 20:1-18 ) All monologues are written by me.

Peter reflects on whether or not it’s too late for him (performed by Robert Currier, backup recording, sorry about the inferior quality).

A Roman Centurion questions his loyalties in light of the inexplicable (performed by Michael Yager).

Mary, the mother of Jesus is afraid to relive the horror of the past (performed by Marion Hiesel).

Thomas wishes he could experience the risen Christ for himself (performed by Cody Czajkowski).


2 Responses

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  2. […] sadly, I was not able to record the other four monologues as they were performed at Trinity, but here are recordings (at a lower quality) from a previous year (from St. Paul’s UMC, Castleton NY). […]

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