On Vesting

Yes, that's a verb. I've worn a clerical collar for the past three days in a row. Aside from the fact that my neck itches, I'm thinking about clerical garb and its significance or lack thereof. First, let me clarify that I'm not trying to fit in with my Lutheran and Catholic sisters and brothers… Continue reading On Vesting


But nothing we didn't already know. Nearly half of Americans have switched religious affiliation/denomination. Oh, and that's not good news for the UMC. With respect to my earlier thoughts about Easter, I read this in Borg and Crossan's The Last Week, which, about three pages from the end now, I highly recommend: "Both parts of… Continue reading Ouch.

I Have a Dream. Again.

As I've said before, I feel most passionate about my ministry when I'm building something. Whether it's a worship idea or a bible study or a small group ministry or a new church start, I'm not about maintaining what is but about building anew. My church is one of five in town involved in an… Continue reading I Have a Dream. Again.