Sermon: Call Waiting

"Call Waiting" (January 27, 2008)  God's call to us is disruptive and often a bit uncomfortable, but it builds on the gifts we have and leads us into new life. Plus, gimmicks are cool (that ringing sound is my cell phone, ringing for the fourth time that morning). (Matthew 4:12-23)

Good News, or t’Hell With Ya

Ever since my disappointing Christmas Eve service, I've been thinking about the C&E (exclusively Christmas and Easter attendees) crowd and what it might mean to tailor a service in a way that reaches them. What is the ministry of the church in the context of these services? The first, perfectly valid question is whether or… Continue reading Good News, or t’Hell With Ya

Lunatic, Liar, or Lamb?

At a recent Theological Diversity Team meeting, I thought we made a little head way in terms of finding commanility in scritural interpretation. The the more conservative interpretation in the room centered around the argument that the Bible is the ultimate truth and we should believe it because it's a reliable source when it says… Continue reading Lunatic, Liar, or Lamb?