Penguin Sermon

My reminder to go easy on myself today.

Here’s my “consider the penguin” sermon: I figure the Divine has a sense of humor. Clearly Jesus must have– look at the load of slow stooges he walked around with all the time! He was always making up stories to try to confuse them. Rather perverse, actually. He takes on these disciples and then spends the next few years messing with their minds.

But creator-god? Now there’s a being with a sense of humor. Consider the penguin (my favorite animal, and mostly for this reason). It’s just so ridiculous. What an odd flightless bird, with a silly walk that would make John Cleese jealous, and a snazzy tuxedo to boot. With strange gentleness and love too, all those dads huddled together or whatever. Now any entity that made oversaw the evolution of that strange a creature must also have tremendous humor and tolerance for, say, me, and my many ridiculous, strange, loving ways.

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