Post Thanksgiving Pastoring

Sunday I preached a pretty decent sermon, which was surprising only because I hadn’t, um, written one. I had about four lines of notes on a cue card.

Tuesday, my lay leadership team met and we’re going to try something that I think might be new and exciting. We have been trying to develop a nurture team for a couple of years now to care for the congregation members and organize some of the work of the church. And we have this lay leadership team that meets once a year to pick officers for the next year. So we combined the two into a lay leadership team that meets for quarterly retreats to organize and execute the work of the church, to maintain the care of our congregation, and to better serve and know the members of the church (and therefore hopefully be better able to empower them to use their gifts in ministry when we fill out our church officer slots once a year). Whereupon, a bunch of people said that was just the sort of team they would want to be on, and got really excited. People pulled out of other teams they were on to the point that we’re now short on trustees, but as one team-jumper said “is the church about taking care of the building, or taking care of the people?” ‘Nuff said.

I have no inspiration for worship this week month, though. That’s a bit of a bummer. Welcome to Advent.

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