Life After Easter

Christ is Risen.

Later than usual, and far more rested than the past couple of weeks, so have I.

The week before Holy Week was a nightmare. Two funerals and two congregants in the hospital, and my sermon for Palm Sunday was one of those brutally honest I-didn’t-actually-write-a-sermon sermons. Ick.

Holy Week itself I got an early jump on, working Monday (my usual day off) and finishing most work by Thursday. Thursday night’s service was a unique experiment involving five stations: handwashing, communion, confession/ taking coins (betrayal of Jesus), ‘angry mob mentality’ (trial before Pilate–and i didn’t make anyone yell ‘crucify him!’), and meditation before the cross. It had some glitches, but will be worth another try, and people loved it. They were still talking about it yesterday.

Friday I got a massage, and then in the evening subjected about 20 people to “Jesus Christ, Superstar” (1973). The kids hated it. I told them they had a year to petition for a move or put together a troupe to perform “Godspell” or they’d be watching it next Good Friday. They screamed in horror.

Between Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, we had a total of 51 people (about 10 came to both, so that’s 41 different people). That’s record attendance, and it means that about 2/3 of my 65-member congregation came to something between Palm Sunday and Easter. Rock on.

Sunday I went to the Ecumenical Sonrise service, which meant I got to, you know, worship a bit on Easter. Then the community breakfast and our service at 10. We had record *low* attendance, 98. That’s the bad news. The good news is that all but about a half dozen of them were not visitors from out of town, but people connected to other people in the congregation–in short, this crowd represented the potential congregation itself. In addition, a whole bunch of people from the congregation were traveling, so I was down maybe a dozen or so regulars. And it was snowing. So the number doesn’t tell the whole story, and I was more excited about the people who *were* there than I was disappointed in the people who weren’t. Also, the crowd that was there seemed to really get into the service. They were responsive during the sermon, and sang the songs with gusto. So not a bad Easter overall. Dinner with my in-laws, and long naps on the couch, and I’m feeling like a new woman.


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