Sunday’s worship service was my first large-scale experiment with experiential/emerging worship with my congregation. The worship design I described earlier went really well–I’ll have to upload a picture of my caution-taped altar–and the sermon (as always, available at my google archive ) went exceptionally well, despite my being three sheets to the wind on Dayquil and Alka Seltzer Plus Cold.

I did go for having folks cut the tape themselves, and I knew that *who* cut it would be essential. The first two hands that went up were my most active congregants, and I didn’t want them to do it because a. it would look like a plant, and b. they didn’t need the experience as much as others did–they already get it. So I waited, and picked on George, one of the old guard, a quiet, loveable, unassuming man, who everyone respects. Then, three different women came up (their names are in the sermon, so I’ll describe them generally, so as not to compromise their privacy). One is undergoing major medical procedures and a great deal of grief in her life; her coming forward was a testament of thanksgiving. Another has fallen away from coming to church and seemed to take the moment to reconnect. The other is finally finding the courage to leave a bad situation, and her coming forward spoke of liberation.

It’s amazing folks; I think God might have showed up in my church. That is, I think we might have been open to knowing it.


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