It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Okay, not *look* exactly.

It’s about 60 degrees out, and the lawn is as green as it was in August. But I’m feeling a little more in the Christmas spirit. I get all bah-humbuggy, because of all the work and stress and expectations–whose are they exactly?–and it’s hard to be Christmas-y. But I had a couple of good moments this weekend. First, there was a performance by the Queensbury High School Madrigal Singers at our church on Friday night. This a cappella group was out of this world, and their arrangement of one of my favorites, “It Came Upon the Midnight Clear” brought tears to my eyes. I was a hero to most of the young girls (“I’ve never met a *girl* pastor before!”) and not a few of the young boys, too.

And the second was my sermon. Out of the park sermon. We’ve been talking about Christ as the light in various kinds of darkness, and my theme was the darkness of violence and Christ being the light of Peace–something about which I could talk for days. It’s worth a listen: “Lighthearted.” If you’re only going to listen to one of my sermons, this might be it. Heck, it’s worth the listen just for the last four seconds–after I say Amen, when there is nothing but ear-splitting silence. I tell you, not a person moved. No one exhaled. It was amazing.

Okay, done pimping out my sermonizing skillz.


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