Rockin’ the Church

Sunday’s worship service was out of this world.

It was United Methodist Student Sunday, and our students are musicians, so I had invited them to play their music for the service. On Wednesday when I went in to run the bulletin, they were practicing a more, um, rockin’ song and asked me if they could play that for the offertory. I said they could as long as they also played the doxology, since it’s hard to go from drums and electric guitar into the organ playing “Old 100.” There followed me sitting down with two teenage boys with me *at the piano* (which I don’t play), plunking out the tune while B figured out the tabs on his electric guitar.

The worship service opened in earnest with two praise songs, accompanied by the rock band. That got people moving. Then we had a greeting time, with bagels and coffee and fruit *in the sanctuary*. People sat around talking and enjoying refreshments for ten minutes, while we played two songs off of a Cd and LittleOne danced around at the front of the church. A lay person gave the message, so I could sit back and enjoy. There was one traditional hymn in the middle, and an acoustic anthem, and of course the rockin’ offertory and doxology. We wrapped the whole thing up with some more singing and dancing, and I was glistening a bit by the time I got to the greeting line.

The response was overwhelmingly positive. Several people said we should do it all the time, and my sister, a pretty honest critic, said she’d never had so much fun in church. A few people said they’d rather not do it every week, but across the board people liked it as a once-in-a-while thing. It was fun to be part of something so creative.


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