The Sermon Cycle

This week one of my congregants quoted something from my sermon. The one that was three weeks ago! Now there’s a good feeling!

But now, after about 4-5 good sermons in a row, I’m feeling the slump coming on. Hey other preachy types out there, does this happen to you? It’s like I’m in some sort of cycle. A few weeks of inspiration just falling into my lap: sermons writing themselves, visual images and altar designs coming to me in my sleep, hymns and prayers jumping off the page and begging to be used to craft a whole worship service that speaks one coherent and spirit-filled message… and then… nothing. Weeks and weeks of staring at the texts, daring one of them, *any* one of them to speak to me, flipping through the hymnal looking for a topic that the editors didn’t see fit to put in the index (how can they not have indexed “wisdom,” for God’s sake [literally!]?). There’s only so much I can say about the Bread of Life, so I’ve spent my waking, non-VBS hours this week staring down Solomon, praying for a flicker of inspiration.

Anyone else get that, or is this what it means to be a rookie? Do you cultivate inspiration, or just thank the Muse when it strikes? Anyone?

1 thought on “The Sermon Cycle”

  1. I know this is an older post of yours but I wanted to respond since no one else did.
    You are not unique in the matter; I think it happens to all of us, but maybe less and less as we walk more and more with the Lord and are into His Word more and more on a daily basis.
    Trouble is, the cares of this world have a tendency to choke our spirit and leave us dry at times.
    And sometimes a sound scriptural homiletical process of developing a sermon from a passage brings out what we need to start the inspirational juices flowing.
    Just keep on keeping on. I have found that some of the worst sermons I have ever preached (in my view) produced the greatest results and rendered the best compliments (to my surprise and shock). We do the best we can with what we have and God takes what little we have and can do miracles. To Him be the glory.
    Thanks for your post and your honesty.

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