Miraculous Multiplication

So Sunday I did go with the less-miraculous (or was it more miraculous!) loaves and fishes, and I think it went really well.

The sermon was called “Loaves and Lives, Fish and Faith,” and was about the miracle that we are called to participate in: the transformation of lives from living out of fear to living out of abundance. I tied the call to the offering in to the theme, saying that we give without fear, because God takes our smallest gifts, mere loaves of barley bread, and multiplies them into abundance to feed thousands. Now, there’s no sure way to show a correlation, but our collection was $3,000, half again as much as an ordinary week.

Also, I arrived at church early and removed two chairs from each row and the entire back two rows (we have chairs, not pews). Suddenly, my little congregation of 50 (high for the end of July anyway!) seemed huge, close together, and filled with song that reverberated much better from their position centered under the dome. Much better!


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