One ‘a those days

Ever have one of those days where everything that could possibly go wrong does? When it seems like whatever you’re doing, it’s something God hates and has decided to smite at every turn? Ever wonder if pastors have them too? We do.

I had an awesome sermon today. It was really good. It was about “Star Wars.” You don’t get any cooler than that.

First of all, I think half of my congregation forgot to change their clocks, we were looking pretty thin.

Second, I forgot my powerpoint remote, so my husband had to sit at the laptop and click through the slides. Sometimes he forgot. For the closing hymn he had stepped out of the room, and I had to run over and do it myself. I still don’t know where the remote is.

Third. When it came to the part of my sermon where I wanted to show the clip from “Star Wars,” the clip played, but the sound did not. I had had a conversation with the techie about this possibility; the sound system had been acting up all morning. I told him exactly what was going on. We thought we had it fixed. Clearly we didn’t. So, no sound, no clip. I improvised, describing the scene. I impersonated Darth Vadar into my lapel mic. I pulled it off. I still pulled out a killer sermon.

Which you can’t hear. Because, fifth, the sermon was not recorded. Again, I’d talked with the techie and told him how much I wanted him to tape it. He wasn’t sure which CDs to use, so rather than *ask*, he just didn’t record it. Hey, church is a volunteer organization, and you get what you pay for.


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