Annual Church Meeting

Once a year, each United Methodist Church has a Charge Conference, which is basically a council meeting gone mad, where we elect officers for the year and approve the budget and that sort of thing. For new pastors, their meeting is usually overseen by their District Superintendent (aka the boss). Mine was Tuesday night. I can’t believe how well it went. We had about 20 more people than I had expected, including children and teenagers, who are hardly ever at such events. The lay people led the worship service and a lot of the meeting, and were unfaltering in their praise of me. I caught my D.S. looking over our new computer lounge space and browsing our church’s new website, and overhearing conversations about our new men’s group, and reading our new brochure. I can’t tell you how good this makes my church and me look. The congregation really does appreciate me; the website, men’s group, brochure, and to a large extent the computer area really are the results of our ministry together these past few months. The leadership that the lay people demonstrate has always been there, and is a strength that is really shining through right now.

I am feeling quite good about my first six months as a pastor. It’s been hard–hell, it’s been hell sometimes–but I’ve worked with the members of the church to accomplish some amazing things.


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