First Sunday

All things considered, it went well.

My mom called Saturday morning and asked if she could come because she “felt a need to be with me.” The woman must be psychic, because 25 years old or no, I’d been missing my mommie something awful. We had a wonderful time together and she cleaned my house all over, and went home elated and confident that I am in a good place. Saturday afternoon, I spent a half an hour on my sermon, and called it good enough.

The service went well, but I forgot some things and did other things differently than they were used to. They mostly got over it. But next time, resolve not to walk out of the sanctuary too soon and leave the congregation standing there wondering what to do. Hehe.

Husband heard people behind him whispering “She’s so young! She can’t be more than 35 or 40!” Double hehe. They liked my sermon, which I consider far from my best, but that just means they’ll be all the more pleasantly surprised when I’m up to par.

I honestly had other–more important–things on my mind. What with moving and recent health issues (must call doc today), I’m learning up front to put my health and my family before my work–an important priority lesson for just out of the gate. *repeats mantra* Just because I’m doing ‘God’s work’ doesn’t mean it’s not *work.* I am more than my job. Even if that job is pastor. *repeats mantra ad nau– ooh, bad idea. *

Phonecall last night to tell me that a parishioner has passed away. First memorial service will be Saturday. Nothing like a trial by fire. *repeats secondary mantra* God never gives you more than you can handle (but boy, does God find it amusing to push that boundary)…

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